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Ningbo Yiduo Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a factory that produces shower caps. We manufacture various shower caps. With the improvement of quality of life, people began to lean towards more hygienic and healthy showers and shower caps were also developed at this time. In order to prevent hair from getting wet or prevent water from entering the ears, people invented a waterproof cap used to wrap hair and ears. For catering to different preferences of customers, the appearance of our showers caps we made is beautiful, fashionable and with high quality.

According to different classifications, shower caps can be divided into many types. If classified by material, there are PE shower caps, EVA shower caps, polyester shower caps, satin shower caps and so on. If classified by usage frequency, there are disposable shower caps and non disposable shower caps. If classified by age, there are kids’ shower caps and adult shower caps. In addition, there are single-layer and double-layer shower caps and the double-layer shower cap has an inner lining, which will be more waterproof and thick.

We have been a supplier of shower caps for many years and most of our customers have customized needs. Our company have customized shower caps for many customers in terms of size, material, printing, color and more. As long as you send us the customization details, we will draw a sketch according to your requirements for your confirm or you can send the design file directly to us for production.

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Gorro de ducha

Gorro de ducha

Nuestra fábrica está ubicada en Ningbo, que es una hermosa ciudad en la parte oriental de la provincia de Zhejiang y es una de las catorce ciudades costeras abiertas. La empresa Yiduo produce gorros de ducha desde hace más de una década. Nuestros gorros de ducha fabricados en China se venden tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Este gorro de ducha de PEVA es el más vendido debido a su sencillez en el diseño exterior y su alta calidad. Fabricamos diferentes tipos de gorros de ducha, como gorros de ducha satinados, gorros de ducha peva, gorros de ducha PVA, etc. Si está interesado en nuestros productos, no dude en contactarnos en cualquier momento.

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China Gorro de ducha fabricantes y fábrica - Yiduo. Nuestros Gorro de ducha son baratos, están en stock, son los más nuevos, elegantes y duraderos, y las últimas ventas producidas por nuestra fábrica han sido bien recibidas por los clientes. Bienvenido a comprar descuento Gorro de ducha de nuestra fábrica, podemos ofrecer a los clientes productos de alta calidad, servicio personalizado, muestra gratis y cotización.
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